English to Portuguese interpretation is offered worldwide through the native speakers. Our global network of interpreters means that your needs can be matched to the specialities of our interpreters.  Portuguese interpreting Portuguese is our strength which will yield satisfactory result. We never disclose any information deemed confidential, our Portuguese interpreter online offer NDAs (nondisclosure agreements) upon request.

Modes of Portuguese Interpretation

Consecutive Interpreting: The interpreter will listen and take notes while one person speaks for up to 5 minutes. Then the interpreter delivers everything that has been said into the target language. This is mostly used in one-to-one business meetings and small group meetings.

Simultaneous Interpreting: This type of interpreting is also known as Conference Interpreting. This is real-time interpreting for conference and large meetings.

Whispered Interpreting: This is for an individual or small group of people at a meeting who do not speak the main language. The interpreter will interpret in a low voice. This is also used in the courtroom.

Public Service Interpreting: This interpretation is used in hospital appointments, police interviews, mental health assessments etc.

Telephone Interpreting: This interpretation is useful for short consultations. The interpreter helps the client in a conference hall and it is often more cost effective.

Liaison Interpreting: This is more informal meeting between a smaller number of people or for someone visiting a country whose language they do not speak.

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