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The written word is different from the spoken word. People speak differently than they write; most languages also use a different style for written text as compared to the spoken text.

The key is to use native Portuguese audio translators who are familiar with the native dialects and trained extensively in Audio translation from Portuguese to English. The proficiency of our translators in both Portuguese and English, combined with their extensive training in audio translation at Vanan Transcription and use of state of the art technology will create work products that sound as if they originated in English.

We are one of the few Portuguese audio translation companies understand the importance of keeping the length of the translated text as close to that of the original as possible and hence tweak their translation effectively so that it can easily be recorded in the time available.

We translate videos, power point presentations, audio books, websites, audio books and any other audio document catering to businesses of all sizes, corporations, law firms, financial institutions, healthcare professionals, marketing agencies, governmental organizations and not-for-profit organizations. We provide the best Portuguese audio translation rate per minute.

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Vanan Transcription offers to you a 15 day Money Back Guarantee on all Portuguese Transcription and Translation projects. Our quality and accuracy levels are always best in class.